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Carbo Culture Biochar
Converting forestry and food production residues into biochar, locking the carbon contained in organic matter into a stable, solid form for thousands of years
Central Finland, Finland
Meets standards
€245.17 per tonne
ECOERA Millennium Biochar
Transforms agricultural waste into biochar products that can be applied to soil to sequester carbon, improve soil health, and improve farming outcomes.
Skåne, Sweden
Meets standards
€565.60 per tonne
Carbon Lockdown Potomac Biomass Burial
Durably storing coarse woody biomass in a Wood Vault in Maryland.
Maryland, United States
Biomass Burial
Meets standards
€173.70 per tonne
AspiraDAC Centralized Direct Air Capture
Launching the world's first solar-powered Direct Air Capture facility.
South Australia, Australia
Centralized Direct Air Capture
Meets standards
€856.82 per tonne